Best 10 Universities In Nigeria To Study French Language

Hey Reader!  Are you interested in studying the French language for a degree? if yes Cudos!

French is one of the most important foreign languages studied in Nigeria and certainly one of the most spoken languages in the world.

As an expert in speaking French, you would be able to work in so many places including Institutions of learning, embassy, as a manager, a special assistant, even in Airports.

Well, we’ve put some criteria in consideration and have come up with this list of Best Universities in Nigeria where you can study the French Language.

Some of these institutions offer more than just French Language though.

Some of the criteria we put into consideration include School ranking and standard, past accolades and belief in their ability to deliver.

Nevertheless feel free to comment your opinions and we’ll definitely put it into consideration.

List of Top 10 Universities to Study French Language in Nigeria

1. Babcock University

2. University Of Benin

3. Covenant University

4. University Of Ibadan

5. University Of Ilorin

6. University Of Lagos

7. Obafemi Awolowo University

8. Olabisi Onajinka University

9. Delta State University

10.University Of Osun

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